19. – 20. 10. 2022.
Falkensteiner Punta Skala, Hotel IADERA 5*

DEEP Conference

We recognized the need to address information security at all levels at the same time and the same place.

We value the importance of knowledge and experience sharing.

Therefore, we provide everyone with the opportunity to share their knowledge and build their new experiences. Dive in and go deep with us.

Deep Conference

Drill down to the bit level

Technical and low level stuff is in the focus here. It might be a game for some, but various real-world attack simulations can be expected in here, as well as hacking, exploits and malware dissecting. New ideas on how to identify and exploit vulnerabilities are more than welcome.

Deep Conference

Organize your protection!

A combination of technical and management stuff is in the focus here. How to orchestrate people, technology and processes to achieve maximum protection efficiency? Topics such as infrastructure protection, damage control, threat intelligence and incident response. Case studies can be found in this track.

Deep Conference

Manage the risks, protect your business!

It’s all about management in here; governance, risk, compliance and business in general. Most of the people in here will try to get everyone on the same high-level page. It’s about understanding each other and dealing with future ideas and collaboration between business areas.

DEEP Conference 2021 Overview
What is this conference about?
Find out in this video!
DEEP Conference 2021 - Day 1
Highlights from the first day of
DEEP Conference
DEEP Conference 2021 - Day 2
Highlights from the second day of
DEEP Conference
DEEP Conference - Juraj Šebalj
Na otvaranju DEEP konferencije održan je razgovor s našim proslavljenim reli vozačem. Jura je na standardno duhovit način odgovarao na pitanja vezana za sigurnosnu tematiku, bilo da su vezana za reli, utrke ili automobilsku industriju i promet općenito.
DEEP Conference - Elvis Čaušević
Snimka predavanja Elvisa Čauševića iz tvrtke STORM Computers "Protecting business information systems from modern cyber threats using multi-level authentication", održanog na prvom DEEP-u.
DEEP Conference - Robert Michalski
"How to achieve Privileged Access nirvana and avoid common mistakes?" zanimljiv je naziv vendorskog predavanja koje je na prvoj DEEP konferenciji održao Robert Michalski iz tvrtke ThycoticCentrify.
DEEP Conference - Dr. Jana Žiljak Gršić I.tech
Predavanje naslova "New methods of security printing in the infrared and visual spectrum" na DEEP-u je održala Dr. Jana Žiljak Gršić I.tech, dekanica Tehničkog veleučilišta u Zagrebu.
DEEP Conference - Dubravko Hlede
Snimka predavanja s prve DEEP konferencije, koje je održao Dubravko Hlede iz tvrtke Rimac Automobili na temu "Taming the tiger: From startup to Enterprise" izazvala je veliko zanimanje.
DEEP Conference - Robert Petrunić
Robert Petrunić otvorio je .ops track prve DEEP konferencije predavanjem na temu "ATT&CK or !ATT&CK that is the question", čiju snimku možete pogledati ovdje.
DEEP Conference - Boldizsar Bencsath
"Dissecting IoT Malware, why and how?" naziv je predavanja koje je na prvoj DEEP konferenciji otvorilo crveni, tehnološki track. Predavač je bio Dr. Boldizsár Bencsáth, profesor na budimpeštanskom Sveučilištu tehnologije i ekonomije.
DEEP Conference - Matija Mandarić
"Cloud infrastructure pain points (from a sec perspective)" naslov je vendorskog predavanja s prve DEEP konferencije. Predavač je bio uvijek dragi gost Matija Mandarić iz tvrtke TrendMicro.
DEEP Conference - Ivan Krajnović
Ivan Krajnović iz tvrtke Končar-KET na DEEP-u je održao predavanje naslova „IEC 62443-2-4 product certification and ICS security“ s vrućom temom udovoljavanja najzahtjevnijim industrijskim standardima današnjice.
DEEP Conference - Csaba Fitzl i Wojciech Reguła
Prezentaciju „20+ ways to bypass your macOS privacy mechanisms“ održali su nam Csaba Fitzl i Wojciech Reguła, a bila je među najpopularnijima u našem .tech tracku.
DEEP Conference - Gabor Hirsch
"Data Security: Nightmare or fingerwork? aka typical technical usecases in daily lives of companies" naziv je vendorske prezentacije koju je na prvom DEEP-u održao Gábor Hirsch iz giganta IT sigurnosti, tvrtke Thales.
DEEP conference - Vanja Švajcer
"Friend or enemy? - hunting for dual usage tools" naziv je vendorske prezentacije koju je na prvom DEEP-u održao Vanja Švajcer u sklopu našeg crvenog, tehnološki orijentiranog tracka.
DEEP conference – Marina Krotofil
“IT vs. OT: We are Much More Similar than We are Different - Comparing Process Control Room and SOC Operations” naziv je vrlo zanimljive prezentacije koju je na prvom DEEP-u održala Marina Krotofil.
Presentation - Jurica Čular
What's up in the new EU cyber package?
Presentation - Shiran Kleiderman
Deciphering the Decentralized Crypto Ecosystem
Presentation - Ivan Poljak
Implementation of PAM solution in FINA
Radoslav Dejanović | .lead
Independent IT consultant
Josip Franjkovic | .tech
Freelance security researcher
Ivan Pepelnjak | .tech
Independent network architect, webinar author and prolific blogger at ipSpace.net AG
Robert Petrunić | .ops
Senior Information Security Consultant at Eduron IS
Antonio Zekic | .tech
Senior information security consultant in Diverto d.o.o.

Attack vector: peopleware
By Radoslav Dejanović | .lead

Disinformation is not just a societal problem: it can easily affect an organization. While it usually does not present a direct threat to an organization and does not involve high technical skills, disinformation can disrupt the processes in harmful ways. This is a light introduction to the ways disinformation can penetrate and disrupt a company - and what protective measures we may take.

Radoslav Dejanović started his career as an IT journalist before moving on to work in corporate and governmental environments, and ended up as an independent IT consultant. Throughout his career he never truly left journalism, having written numerous columns about both IT technology and social issues. He's the author of "Methods and tools for fact-checking of on-line media" (2020.), a free handbook aimed at helping people check for and recognize disinformation on the Internet; the e-book has been downloaded >8000 times.

Finding unique vulnerabilities with "depth" recon in modern web applications
By Josip Franjković | .tech

Modern web applications are increasingly complex, having a plethora of different technology stacks, APIs and functionalities, which makes properly testing the security of such applications harder and often tedious.

This presentation will show Josip’s approach when looking at complex web applications and techniques he uses to find new attack surface in the core parts of various real world applications, with a focus on discovering hard-to-find functionalities, legacy, region-locked, testing or partner APIs and so on.

The example bugs and bug chains in this presentation have been fixed, and were disclosed to affected companies through their bug bounty programs.

Josip Franjković is a freelance security researcher and a ""bug bounty hunter"". Throughout his career he has reported over 200 verified vulnerabilities to companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Yahoo and others, with a main focus on authentication and authorization vulnerabilities.

Josip is a top hacker on PayPal's bug bounty program, and tops Facebook's whitehat list in the '17-'19 period. He has also participated in live hacking events around the world for PayPal, Yahoo and Facebook, where he was asked to find vulnerabilities in yet to be released software and hardware, winning two ""Most Valuable Hacker"" awards and placing among the top three participants multiple times.

Internet Routing Security
By Ivan Pepelnjak | .tech

While we had the necessary means and technologies to significantly enhance the routing and packet forwarding security in the Internet for years if not decades, we’re still facing BGP hijacks and amplification DDoS attacks on daily basis.

This talk will describe some of the reasons for this dismal state of affairs, the steps one can take to increase the Internet routing security, and the MANRS framework that can guide you on that journey.

Ivan Pepelnjak, CCIE#1354 Emeritus, is a 30-year veteran of the networking industry, with 25+ years of experience in designing, installing, troubleshooting, and operating large service provider and enterprise WAN and LAN networks. He is currently an independent network architect at ipSpace.net AG, focusing on network automation, software-defined networking, large-scale data center and network virtualization technologies, and advanced IP-based networks.

Ivan is the author of a series of highly successful webinars and online courses. His books published by Cisco Press include MPLS and VPN Architectures and EIGRP Network Design.

Cyber security paradox and how to avoid it
by Robert Petrunić | .ops

The times we are living in are challenging and they require different approach to secure our systems. Ironically, never in history of humankind we had as secure systems as today, and yet, it is easier to compromise these systems then it ever was. Find out the author’s view into the main reasons why. The question we will try to answer is what we can do to change this trend by presenting the "paranoid" model the author is using on his laptop computer to protect and isolate the customer’s data on the security consultancy and penetration testing engagements. Even though the model is designed for a specific case, bits and pieces are more than usable for day-to-day work of IT professionals and the like. Enjoy the demo showing you the example on how easy it is to implement such a model, which will (together with the lecture) probably force you to rethink the way you are using your computer today and (hopefully) make you change it.

Robert works as a senior information security consultant in Eduron IS and he’s a lecturer in most successful Croatian private college Algebra. He’s Microsoft certified trainer since 2002, EC-Council certified trainer since 2008 and ISC2 certified trainer since 2014. Since 2004. Robert is working on programs related to ethical hacking and IT security awareness for systems administrators, developers and IT security consultant.

Apple Security Research Device
By Antonio Zekić | .tech

Antonio's lecture 'Apple Security Research Device' will provide a general introduction to specially fused iPhone that allows security researchers to perform research on the latest version of iOS without having to defeat or disable the platform security features of iPhone.

Antonio Zekić is a senior information security consultant in Diverto d.o.o. He is experienced in penetration testing and reverse engineering. In spare time he enjoys fuzzing, exploit writing with an emphasis on iOS/macOS vulnerability research. He is a regular speaker at the security events in the region.


Who should go deep with us?

  • CEOs, COOs, CTOs and other Cs
  • Corporate security managers
  • Information security managers
  • Chief information security officers
  • IT admins
  • Members of IT security teams
  • Security operation center members
  • Penetration testers
2700 kn 2100 kn
  • "Summer early bird" price is valid until September 1st, 2022.
  • Special accommodation prices for DEEP attendees are available only through this website: single room at 977.50 kn per night, double room at 1,137.50 kn per night. Please note that accommodation booking without purchase of a conference ticket isn’t possible.
  • Full price of one pass for DEEP (19th – 20th of October 2022. Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera, Petrčane) is 2.700,00 kn, VAT included. It is all-inclusive, each conference pass grants you full access to all the areas and contents, presentations, sponsors' booths, workshops, party and meals!
  • Our aim is to make DEEP an enjoyable experience for all of our attendees, as well as successful one in terms of business. Accommodation is purchased separately and transport to the conference venue isn’t included in ticket price.
  • Different terms apply for the conference sponsors, so be sure to ask us for detailed info about sponsorship opportunities, you can get them by request, please contact us at info@deep-conference.com
  • DEEP will happen in five-star Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera
  • Hotel & Spa Iadera - part of famous Falkensteiner Punta Skala Resort, one of the most beautiful and prestigious tourist complexes in whole Adriatic area.
  • Should you have any additional questions please be free to ask us at info@deep-conference.com. We are sure that this venue will fully enhance your experience and make your stay there during DEEP more enjoyable.
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MBCOM Technologies is the exclusive representative for Broadcom Software (CA and Symantec software solutions) in five substantial territories – the Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia/CIS.

Broadcom Software is one of the world’s leading enterprise software companies, modernizing, optimizing, and protecting the world’s most complex hybrid environments. With its engineering-centered culture, Broadcom Software is a global software leader building a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading enterprise software enabling innovation, stability, scalability, and security for the largest global companies in the world.

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Veracomp is a regional representative of leading ICT companies, offering security, network, telecommunications and data center solutions. They have been present on the market since 2001, when they started distributing security solutions, and to this day they follow trends and continuously add leading companies to their portfolio. Through a long-standing presence in the Adriatic region, Veracomp offers pre-sales and technical support to its partners, as well as education and consulting services. The goal of Veracomp is to be an extended hand and support to partners in the entire business process and to provide services that ensure continuity and flexibility of work, security of data from threats and insight into the activities of system users.

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Kodeks is for more than 30 years known as first Dell Distributor in Croatia. Over the years it has developed into one of the leading system integrators in the region and beyond. Through direct collaboration with global technology partners such as Dell, Cisco, Mitel and Bosch Kodeks delivers information technology, telecommunications, networking and security systems, integration services, maintenance and support. Kodeks’s customers are leading telecom operators, government institutions, hotels, finance institutions, commercial and global customers.

Nestec is a value-add distributor of cloud and on-premise solutions for managed service providers and IT professionals with focus on security, communication and documentation of IT environments. In our portfolio you will find well-known technologies and established vendors like Solarwinds, Altaro and Thycotic, as well as innovative vendors and technologies that set new trends, help retail partners and managed service providers to create new projects and improve their service offering. In addition to solutions we provide sales and technical trainings, business and marketing consulting, and support our partners in all phases of the sales and implementation process.

Businesses and governments rely on Thales to bring trust to the billions of digital interactions they have with people.

Thales identity management and data protection technologies help banks exchange funds, people cross borders, energy become smarter and much more.

More than 30,000 organizations already rely on Thales solutions to verify the identities of people and things, grant access to digital services, analyze vast quantities of information and encrypt data.

In early 2019, Thales acquired the international security company, Gemalto and have combined it with its existing digital assets to create a new leader in digital security. Every organization around the world is in the midst of a digital transformation and stands to benefit from their joint innovations.

As the world becomes more connected, Thales makes it more secure.

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Trend Micro, a global cybersecurity leader, helps make the world safe for exchanging digital information. As a leader in cloud and enterprise cybersecurity, Trend Micro platform delivers central visibility for better, faster detection and response and a powerful range of advanced threat defense techniques optimized for endpoints, data centers, hybrid and cloud environments and networks. This powerful platform enables secure digital transformation, empowering you to focus on driving your business further. Fueled by decades of security expertise, global threat research, and continuous innovation, Trend Micro cybersecurity platform protects 500,000+ organizations and 250+ million individuals across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints.

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NETSCOUT provides IT and business teams a seamless and consistent level of visibility into the performance, availability and security risks that impede digital agility, regardless of the underlying platform, provider, or location.

Companies rely on NETSCOUT Smart Data to proactively monitor, triage, and protect service and application performance and security within our nGenius service assurance and analytic solutions, Arbor DDoS protection solutions and our Omnis Security solutions. 90% of Fortune 100 and Tier One service provider companies—rely on NETSCOUT to assure and protect the services which advance our connected world.

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ThycoticCentrify is a leading cloud identity security vendor, enabling digital transformation at scale. ThycoticCentrify’s industry-leading privileged access management (PAM) solutions reduce risk, complexity, and cost while securing organizations’ data, devices, and code across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments. ThycoticCentrify is trusted by over 14,000 leading organizations around the globe including over half of the Fortune 100, and customers include the world’s largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure companies.

© Thycotic Software, LLC and Centrify Corporation 2021. Centrify® and Thycotic® are registered trademarks of Centrify Corporation and Thycotic Software, LLC respectively.

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Tijekom stoljeća djelovanja, KONČAR se od skromne radionice razvio u regionalnog lidera u području elektroindustrije i tračničkih vozila te jedan od nositelja razvoja u svom području djelovanja, ali i ukupnom domaćem gospodarstvu. Temeljna područja djelovanja su energetika, tračnička vozila i infrastruktura, digitalna rješenja, obnovljivi izvori, istraživanje, razvoj i inovacije te laboratorijska ispitivanja i certificiranja.

Ime KONČAR danas je prepoznatljivo diljem svijeta te je pojam visoke razine kvalitete i pouzdanosti. Oprema i postrojenja u 130 zemalja na svim kontinentima dokaz su upravo tih vrijednosti i trajni su spomenici dostignuća Grupe KONČAR. Više od 400.000 transformatora raznih vrsta, naponskih nivoa i snaga dio su distribucijskih i prijenosnih mreža diljem svijeta, a KONČAR je djelomično ili u potpunosti izgradio i revitalizirao 375 hidroelektrana diljem svijeta, proizveo i revitalizirao 700 generatora te proizveo i isporučio 200 niskopodnih tramvaja i vlakova.

U razdoblju koje je pred nama strateški prioriteti KONČARA fokusirani su na razvojno-inovacijski potencijal kompanije, na ključne proizvodne kapacitete i njihovu modernizaciju te daljnje jačanje sinergije cijele Grupe. KONČAR veliku priliku vidi u obnovljivim izvorima energije te dodatnom smanjenju štetnog utjecaja na okoliš, ali i iskoraku u digitalizaciji postojećih proizvoda i usluga te proizvodnih kapaciteta.

KONČAR i u godini velike stote obljetnice ide u korak sa suvremenim tehničkim i tehnološkim trendovima te zahtjevima izazovne elektroenergetske budućnosti.


Falkensteiner Punta Skala, hotel IADERA

Punta Skala bb, HR-23231 Petrčane


Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera
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Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera at Punta Skala Resort

the best suited mid-Dalmatian conference venue waits for the participants of very first DEEP

Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera


Looking for starting in very best possible manner, DEEP proudly presents an excellent venue for the first conference, to be held from 14th to 15th of April 2021. We are proud to welcome you to glorious five-star Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Iadera

Hotel & Spa Iadera - part of famous Falkensteiner Punta Skala Resort, one of most respected tourist complexes in whole Adriatic area. Resort is conveniently situated just a short drive from vibrant city of Zadar but it also contains all the facilities any conference attendee might need during a stay. Even if this is first DEEP, we have huge experience in organizing similar events, and it assured us that single-point conference is the most convenient way for our guests and visitors to enjoy both the conference and any free time dedicated to themselves.

Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera

Apart from breath-taking location directly at the top of the Peninsula and exclusive 5-star service, at our chosen venue you can also enjoy Mediterranean cuisine with hotel restaurant, fish restaurant Bracera, Steak house Planika and Hideout beach bar directly at the sea.

Should you want to stay for the weekend, there are several great areas for visiting, from the ancient town of Zadar, famous - among other things - for the most beautiful sunset in the world, to the national parks of Velebit and Kornati or worldwide known sci-fi landscapes of island Pag.

Falkensteiner Hotel Iadera

We are looking forward to be your hosts at this magnificent hotel during the conference. Online registrations will start soon, offering you accommodation in single or double rooms at this hotel during the process, at special prices agreed with Falkensteiner Hotels & Residences, available only to the DEEP attendees. Should you have any additional questions please be free to ask us at info@deep-conference.com. We are sure that this venue will fully enhance your experience and make your stay there during DEEP more enjoyable.

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A big Thank You! to all the DEEP participants

Dear DEEP participants,

We’d like to simply thank you for being there, enabling our first DEEP to happen. According to the initial responses, we might consider it a success and, hopefully, start of a new tradition. Even if it is over, it isn’t! In a few weeks we will open a new section on this website, one where you’ll bee able to hear or read the presentations, as well as look at the photos and videos from the conference. In the meantime, we are available for your questions and requests at all the usual means of contact.

Kind regards,
DEEP team