TRAINER: Peter Van Eeckhoutte
4 FULL DAYS, Friday-Monday
October, 20-23. 2023.
Zagreb, Croatia




„This training is amazing. Peter starts with the foundation of all exploiting: the OS and how it talks to the CPU/memory, and how that is important to exploitation. His way of describing complex concepts in simple drawings is amazing and really makes you understand what you are doing.
We wrote exploits for all sorts of stuff, and what seemed like magic has been neatly reduced to comprehensible, understandable steps.
Long story short, great training, great material, attend if you can.“
-Martin, Corelan Bootcamp Zurich, March 2020-

"Having completed the OSCP, I thought I knew stack overflows pretty well.. until I realised how little I really understood about stack ‘buffer’ overflows and in particular ‘Saved Return Pointer’ overwrite exploits. Peter is an excellent teacher and explains the exploit development process in such depth that makes these complex concepts almost too easy to understand. The knowledge of this course stretches far far far past what was covered in the OSCP in regards to windows exploit development and is definitely an excellent course to take your skills to the next level."
-Chris Whipp, Corelan Bootcamp Sydney Australia, Nov 2019-

"Peter’s ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and pragmatic way is exceptional. His Windows Exploit Development training is of the highest standard and will help newcomers and seasoned security testers alike understand modern memory corruption techniques.
I’ve completed both the Bootcamp and Advanced courses now, along with OSCP and OSCE and I’ve learned invaluable lessons from each.
If you’re interested in Windows Exploit Development, ROP and heap exploitation, then you should definitely prioritise Corelan training. It’s truly a privilege to take part in.
I’ve learned a tonne, but the real learning comes with the exercises that are included as homework during and after the course."
-Rick, Corelan Advanced, Corelan Bootcamp, Sydney Australia, Nov 2019-

"I’ve been to various trainings until now and always left disappointed in the lack of technical depth. Peter is what I call a master of his domain. In bootcamp he teaches you how the OS works, how memory works, and all other inner workings of a computer (relevant to Exploit development), then and only then he goes into exploitation. Be comfortable with Assembly, python and prepare for a hardcore training if you are a beginner.Peter is 1/ an expert in communication, 2/an expert in exploitation and 3/ an expert in teaching skills. He loves what he does and you can see it clearly. I would give him 10 stars if I could. As an advice, if you are a beginner in exploitation and want to learn as much as possible, do at least 5-10 simple exploits before coming to the training, the pace is brutal. Thank you for a great training Peter."
-Madalin, Corelan Bootcamp Zurich, March 2020-

"I was skeptical to learn new things in the bootcamp, I was totally wrong.
The way of teaching that Peter use is amazing.
There is no place for luck or nopsled, you understand really what you are doing and he share so much tips, tricks that you can’t found elsewhere. His approach is always different than all other materials I can found.
Even if you think you have the level to take the advanced class, I still recommend to take the bootcamp first."
-Jonathan B., Corelan Bootcamp Private location, Jan 2020-


The Corelan “BOOTCAMP” is a truly unique opportunity to learn both basic & advanced techniques from an experienced exploit developer. During this intensive 4-day bootcamp you will be able to learn all ins and outs about writing reliable stack based exploits for the Windows (x86) platform. The trainer will share his “notes from the field” and various tips & tricks to become more effective at writing exploits.

Peter strongly believes it is important to start the course by explaining the basics of stack buffer overflows and exploit writing, but this is most certainly not “your average” entry level course. In fact, this is a true bootcamp and one of the finest and most advanced courses you will find on Win32 stack based exploit development.

This hardcore hands-on course will provide students with solid understanding of current stack based exploitation techniques and memory protection bypass techniques. We make sure the course material is kept updated with current techniques, includes previously undocumented tricks and techniques, and details about research we performed ourselves. Combined with the way the course is built up, this will turn this class into a truly unique experience.

This is your opportunity to learn directly from the author of

The current edition of the course is 100% based on Windows 11 / Windows 10 and contains an introduction to x64 stack-based exploitation.

„During all of our courses, we don’t just focus on techniques and mechanics, but we also want to make sure you understand why a given technique is used, why something works and why something doesn’t work“ – Peter (your bootcamp trainer ????)

In order to assure the highest quality of the training, places for the bootcamp are strictly limited!



DEEP COMBO can be used by 1 person, or by 2 colleagues from the same organisation (1 colleague goes to the BOOTCAMP, 1 colleague goes to the CONFERENCE).

In order to participate in the bootcamp all students will have to sign a copyright document that can be found via this link, at the bottom of the page under “Legal prerequisites”

In case enough people to ensure the quality of the bootcamp is not registered by October 1st., the organiser reserves the right to postpone the dates of the bootcamp, for a perod not longer than 10 months from the original bootcamp date. In this occurance, the alternative date will be discused with the registered students and best effort will be made to accommodate all the students. Student that will still not table to attend the bootcamp on the alternative date, will be fully refunded for the amount payed for the bootcamp.

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